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Charleston’s Dock Street Theatre – Nettie, is that you?

I recently had a lively mother and daughter from Texas on my Famous & Infamous Ladies of Charleston walking tour and since this was a private tour, we had a lot more time to enter buildings (when possible) for a much more fun, behind-the-scenes glance of the alluring characters I share. Since the gals had been to Charleston several times before and visit Kiawah Island Golf Resort every year (so lucky!), I was touched they had chosen Eclectic Tours of Charleston to provide them with something new and unique they’d really love. I knew then, we just had to go inside the Dock Street Theatre to try and catch a glimpse of Nettie.  Who’s Nettie? Read on. As we approached the building at 135 Church Street, I told them the history – that the original Dock Street Theatre opened on February 12, 1736 with a performance of George Farquhar’s play The Recruiting Officer. The building sits

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Love Stories of Charleston

Tread carefully inside the graveyard said to be haunted by the subject of Edgar Allan Poe’s poem Annabel Lee. Glimpse the former brothel house once owned by a madam loved by many.

Famous & Infamous Ladies of Charleston

Strolling down the charming streets and hidden alleys of the French Quarter and South of Broad, you’ll be privy to the secrets of local characters and learn about the southern culture through heartfelt tales, not lectures.

High Society

After meandering down the tree-lined district where landowners spared no expense learning of their wild and decadent tastes, we’re granted special access inside South Carolina Society Hall.

High Society II: Art & Wine

This unforgettable walking tour features artists, artisans, architects, and more whose contributions are responsible for the rich beauty of Charleston.
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