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With Travel Writer Jill Paris

Fun Things To Do In Charleston - Where To Eat, Drink, Shop, Sleep, Walk, Gawk, Repeat.

The Carolina Anole: Crickets and Spiders and Flies, Oh My!

One of my favorite sightings while conducting a walking tour in Charleston, SC, is the bright appearance of what many think to be the chameleon due to its vibrant green or brown hue or even another reptile similar in size, the gekko, but it’s really just a harmless lizard known as the Carolina Anole. (“Anole” rhymes with the Italian dessert “cannoli.” ( Say: a-NO-lee). It’s one of those iconic creatures that seems to just fit the landscape somehow – like a slithering woodland fairy who lives deep inside a forest filled with rocky caverns bursting with drooping ferns and Lily of the Valley holding court atop a leafy lily pad in a storybook. Charleston’s gardens and humid climate are the perfect home for these beautiful creatures.  Here are a few facts about them: Scientific Name: Anolis carolinensisDistribution/Habitat: Found in Tennessee, Louisiana, Georgia, the Carolinas and Florida. Average Size: Adults: 4-8 inches longAverage Life Span: 2-5 yearsDiet: Small insects such as crickets, flies and spiders 

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Best of Historic Charleston

This is the perfect walking tour for the first-time visitor or repeat guest. We’ll cover iconic landmarks such as St. Philip’s Church, the French Quarter, the Dock Street Theatre, Rainbow Row, The Battery, White Point Garden, Calhoun Mansion, and so much more.

Outer Banks Film Locations Tour

Calling all Pogues! Fans of the Netflix series Outer Banks will freak for my exclusive tour that stars over a dozen sites filmed in historic downtown Charleston and Mount Pleasant, SC. Tour includes: bottled water, the cast’s favorite snacks, and tons of photo/TikTok opportunities at every stop.

Love Stories of Charleston

Tread carefully inside the graveyard said to be haunted by the subject of Edgar Allan Poe’s poem Annabel Lee. Glimpse the former brothel house once owned by a madam loved by many.

Amazing Ladies of Charleston

Strolling down the charming streets and hidden alleys of the French Quarter and South of Broad, you’ll be privy to the secrets of local characters and learn about the southern culture through heartfelt tales, not lectures.

High Society: Walking Tour + Gibbes Museum of Art

This exclusive tour package includes the Best of Historic Charleston walking tour PLUS entry inside the city’s most beloved treasure, the Gibbes Museum of Art.

High Society II: Art & Wine

This unforgettable walking tour features artists, artisans, architects, and more whose contributions are responsible for the rich beauty of Charleston.