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With Travel Writer Jill Paris

Fun Things To Do In Charleston - Where To Eat, Drink, Shop, Sleep, Walk, Gawk, Repeat.

Ladies Benevolent Society of Charleston

Whenever I’m conducting one of my unique walking tours in downtown Charleston, there is a word that I share with my guests that is one of those words that when you hear it, you think you know its meaning, but you’re not quite sure. (At least that’s what happens to me sometimes.) The word “benevolent” is an important word connected to many wonderful buildings found throughout the Historic District, and it’s one of those not-often-used words that my guests seem puzzled by when I mention it. It reminds me of the Angelina Jolie film title Maleficient, which is a name derived from the adjective “malevolent” which means “having or showing a wish to do evil to others.” So, the word “benevolent” is the exact opposite — and it means “well meaning or kindly; and (of an organization) serving a charitable rather than a profit-making purpose.”   There is a marvelous Historic House located at 51

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Best of Historic Charleston

This is the perfect walking tour for the first-time visitor or repeat guest. We’ll cover iconic landmarks such as St. Philip’s Church, the French Quarter, the Dock Street Theatre, Rainbow Row, The Battery, White Point Garden, Calhoun Mansion, and so much more.

Outer Banks Film Locations Tour

Calling all Pogues! Fans of the Netflix series Outer Banks will freak for my exclusive tour that stars over a dozen sites filmed in historic downtown Charleston and Mount Pleasant, SC. Tour includes: bottled water, the cast’s favorite snacks, and tons of photo/TikTok opportunities at every stop.

Love Stories of Charleston

Tread carefully inside the graveyard said to be haunted by the subject of Edgar Allan Poe’s poem Annabel Lee. Glimpse the former brothel house once owned by a madam loved by many.

Amazing Ladies of Charleston

Strolling down the charming streets and hidden alleys of the French Quarter and South of Broad, you’ll be privy to the secrets of local characters and learn about the southern culture through heartfelt tales, not lectures.

High Society: Walking Tour + Historic Building

You’re cordially invited to attend a walking tour like no other featuring Charleston’s wealthiest historic residents.

High Society II: Art & Wine

This unforgettable walking tour features artists, artisans, architects, and more whose contributions are responsible for the rich beauty of Charleston.