Jill Paris, Owner and Licensed Tour Guide

Welcome! Eclectic Tours of Charleston offers the best and most unique Charleston walking tours in the city. My idea was to create historical walking tours with a twist – an eclectic mix of stories and subject matter – that complement the city’s allure in a most beguiling way. I’ve thoughtfully selected my favorite accounts of intriguing characters to share with you, reminiscent of the days spent recording beloved music intended to impress that someone special. Remember anguishing over which songs would make the cut? In a way, my tours are like a “mixed tape” for Charleston.

I hold a Masters of Arts degree from SFSU in Humanities (or, as I like to call it: the study of all things beautiful) and have taught at the university level. I also hold a Master of Professional Writing degree from USC and am the author of Life is Like a Walking Safari, a collection of travel essays previously published in travel anthologies, magazines and travel websites. My work has appeared in The Best Travel Writing 2009, The Best Women’s Travel Writing Vol. 9, Leave the Lipstick Take the Iguana, Wake Up and Smell the Shit and many others.
As a registered licensed tour guide, I combine my storytelling expertise, fondness for travel and love of the inexplicable human connection, leaving my guests with an unforgettable trip through downtown Charleston’s most cherished points of interest.