The Best Charleston Walking Tours

Jill Paris, Owner and Licensed Tour Guide

Welcome to Eclectic Tours of Charleston! I have created several unique walking tours you’re going to LOVE. Every experience highlights Historic Downtown. Each tour includes the best things to see in Charleston. All are comprised with history, culture, architecture, and captivating tales along the prettiest streets. We’ll cover more ground. I’ll encourage you to take loads of photos. My tours seem private because I customize each journey as we go.

My tours are never scripted and never, ever rushed. We’ll explore Charleston at your own pace. Some tours even end unexpectedly in a bar or restaurant, or as you wish. I’ll showcase Charleston’s beauty for you in a fun, relaxed style. Perhaps you’re searching for the ultimate walking tour combo package? Please keep reading to learn about the wildly popular High Society options. They’re perfect for the trendsetting traveler who’s looking for something truly special. Come. Visit Charleston. Her charms might just surprise you.

Best of Historic Charleston

Monday - Thursday at 2:00 PM

This is the perfect walking tour for the first-time visitor or repeat guest. We’ll cover iconic landmarks such as St. Philip’s Church, the French Quarter, the Dock Street Theatre, Rainbow Row, The Battery, White Point Garden, Calhoun Mansion, and so much more. You’ll get a comprehensive view of Charleston’s architecture, churches, culture, history, people, and even the hidden alleys and lanes often overlooked on other tours. I’ll highlight historic downtown extensively at an easy pace with lots of photo stops and interesting facts you’ll always remember. More ground covered = more beauty experienced.

Charleston is the star.

TV & Movie Tour by Private Car

(Luxury sedan accommodates 1-3 persons)

Saturday at 10:00 AM*

I’m proud to offer this exclusive driving tour starring various locations from popular TV and movies filmed around Charleston. This jam-packed tour route covers the entire peninsula in a comfortable luxury sedan and makes several stops for photographic memories. Ride along and glimpse sites from The Notebook, Southern Charm, Cold Mountain, The Patriot, Dear John, Halloween and more, combined with the city’s iconic landmark buildings throughout Historic Downtown. It’s the perfect blend of past and present. We’ll even visit a celebrity-owned restaurant for a complimentary beverage.

You’ll love this blockbuster tour!

*Private tours available for different day/time on request

Love Stories of Charleston

Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 10:00 AM

Unlock the romantic truths behind Charleston’s most notorious lovers. Historic downtown resembles a living Valentine’s Day card with its lovely architecture, fragrant flowers, and canopied trees draped in Spanish moss – an ideal setting to hear about everlasting unions (or love affairs gone wrong). Tread carefully inside the graveyard said to be haunted by the subject of Edgar Allan Poe’s poem Annabel Lee. Glimpse the former brothel house once owned by a madam loved by many. Stand beside the towering building once a secret meeting place for John F. Kennedy and his lover. Touch the towering wall that a fifteen-year-old student at an elite girls’ boarding school scaled to run off and marry her sweetheart.

Oh, the scandals you’ll hear.

Amazing Ladies of Charleston

Tuesday, Thursday at 10:00 AM

This exclusive walking tour highlights many trailblazing women worth remembering. While strolling down the charming streets and hidden alleys of the French Quarter and South of Broad, you’ll be privy to the secrets of local characters and learn about the southern culture through heartfelt tales, not lectures. You can almost hear the desperate plea of captured lady-pirate Anne Bonny pleading for her life; lady politicians crashing through glass ceilings; badass women abolitionists, writers, entertainers and artists breaking down barriers; a young girl-spy’s quick-thinking cool under pressure; a pioneering preservationist; a female ghost’s sad story sure to make you weep; and an African-American leader worthy of her own national holiday.

Let’s face it. Girls rule.

History of Charleston

High Society: Walking Tour + Historic Building

Friday at 2:00 PM

You’re cordially invited to attend a walking tour like no other featuring Charleston’s wealthiest historic residents. We’ll meander down the prettiest tree-lined streets and alleys where landowners spared no expense learning about their extravagant tastes, glimpse their magnificent mansions along The Battery, and peek inside the gates at manicured gardens. Next, we’re granted special access inside one of the city’s most important Adamesque buildings — South Carolina Society Hall — where the hallkeeper conducts a private tour of the interior exclusively for Eclectic Tours of Charleston.

Hoop skirts not required.

High Society II: Art & Wine

Saturday at 2:00 PM

This unforgettable walking tour features artists, artisans, architects, and more whose contributions are responsible for the rich beauty of Charleston. We’ll traverse the French Quarter and the best of Historic Downtown, visit secret lanes and hidden streets, learning about why Charleston’s art made her so wealthy. From a little-known furniture maker, innovative artists, outlandish landowners, shipping magnates, and planters, their stories will surely impress. After our walking tour we’ll conclude at Principle Art Gallery, (one of Charleston’s premier contemporary venues), where the Director chats about the brilliant artwork and featured Charleston artists. All this, whilst sipping on sparkling spirits. Fancy that!

Walking Tour + Art & Wine = A Mighty Fine Time

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