“I wasn’t born in the South, but I got here as fast as I could.”


I may have grown up on the west coast, but I’ve always felt sort of Southern by association. As a young girl, I’d listen to my mother with her friendly Texas drawl strike up conversation with everyone she encountered, so I guess it’s no surprise I inherited her gift of gab and became a writer and tour guide. Southern cooking and colorful storytelling went together at our house like my granny’s chicken and dumplings.

Maybe that’s why I picked Charleston to open up my walking tour business. I wanted a place with that special combination I cherished from childhood and the Holy City delivers with its fabulous food, hospitable people, and an undeniable sense of Southern pride. I’m proud to be an honorary Charlestonian, no matter how long it took me to get here, and whether it’s your first time visiting or your “umpteenth” as Mom would say, I hope you enjoy my musings on fun things to do in Charleston – where to eat, drink, shop, sleep, walk, gawk, repeat.

Jill Paris
Eclectic Tours of Charleston

The Magical Beauty of Angel Oak

Whenever my walking tour guests want to hear my recommendations for some of my favorite things to do in Charleston, SC, I always include the magical, mystical Angel Oak tree located in Johns Island just a short drive from historic downtown. Oh, my list is long to be sure, as

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There’s Something About Rainbow Row

Everyone knows that after a good downpour, when the sunlight hits the rain at just the right angle, it is refracted through a raindrop and into our eye line, allowing us to see a rainbow. These colorful arcs can motivate us to continue to endure through hard times. Their inexplicable

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Whispers of White Point Garden

All of my walking tours in the beautiful Historic District of Charleston, SC, all seem to converge into the city’s oldest park and one of its most unforgettable landmarks. Once known as “Oyster Point” in the early 1670s, the southern tip of the Charleston peninsula was better known as “White

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Where To Find Published Travel Essays by Jill Paris

A few weeks ago during one of my walking tours, I engaged in conversation with a lovely woman who’d just gotten back from Scotland. I could hardly believe she’d actually visited my ancestral village of Linlithgow! We chatted about the palace, the fabulous pub called Platform 3 that I spent

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I Took My Dad Axe-Throwing For Father’s Day

This past Father’s Day, I searched the inner-recesses of my mind to try and come up with a cool, new alternative to the countless bottles of after shave lotion I’ve gifted my dad over the years (at his humble request). We’ve already visited hidden spots around Charleston like The Pitt

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