“I wasn’t born in the South, but I got here as fast as I could.”


I may have grown up on the west coast, but I’ve always felt sort of Southern by association. As a young girl, I’d listen to my mother with her friendly Texas drawl strike up conversation with everyone she encountered, so I guess it’s no surprise I inherited her gift of gab and became a writer and tour guide. Southern cooking and colorful storytelling went together at our house like my granny’s chicken and dumplings.

Maybe that’s why I picked Charleston to open up my walking tour business. I wanted a place with that special combination I cherished from childhood and the Holy City delivers with its fabulous food, hospitable people, and an undeniable sense of Southern pride. I’m proud to be an honorary Charlestonian, no matter how long it took me to get here, and whether it’s your first time visiting or your “umpteenth” as Mom would say, I hope you enjoy my musings on fun things to do in Charleston – where to eat, drink, shop, sleep, walk, gawk, repeat.

Jill Paris
Eclectic Tours of Charleston

Gaga for the Gibbes museum of art

 My walking tour guests often ask me about fun things to do in Charleston and I always recommend one of my absolute favorites – a visit to the Gibbes museum of art. It doesn’t matter what time of the year, it never disappoints. It’s just the perfect respite after a

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25 Enticing Photos That Prove Charleston’s Restaurants Rock

After moving to Charleston almost two years ago, I’ve steadily been mowing my way through the Holy City one fabulous meal at a time. I kid myself and call it “research” touting the reason that my guests really should receive firsthand recommendations to where some of Charleston’s best restaurants can

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Charleston’s Wonderful Window Boxes

I recently gave a walking tour to a lively group of ladies from New England and one distracted woman, fearing she was slowing down the pace, kept apologizing for taking so many photos of the window boxes displayed along the tour’s route. (They are pretty irresistible.)  I laughed and assured

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