Charleston’s Wonderful Window Boxes

I recently gave a walking tour to a lively group of ladies from New England and one distracted woman, fearing she was slowing down the pace, kept apologizing for taking so many photos of the window boxes displayed along the tour’s route. (They are pretty irresistible.)  I laughed and assured her that my tours leave plenty of time for capturing all the hidden beauty we’re known for here in Charleston. I love it when a first-time visitor is charmed senseless. Even after leading countless tours, I still take photos, too. (Kind of a lot, in fact.) Charleston’s window boxes are meant to be ogled. Residents who are lucky enough to live South of Broad take immense pride in landscaping their “little front yards” just for your pleasure. It would be kind of rude not to stare.
So, where can you find the most beautiful window boxes in the Historic district? The best way is on foot as you’re able to view the blooming jewel boxes up close to appreciate each one’s individual splendor. Book one of my original walking tours and I’ll guide you down the grandest streets and we’ll walk, gawk, and shoot all we want.
Here are 21 wild and wonderful window boxes I’ve encountered on some of my tours:

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  1. Hello! This is a wonderful reminder about a tour that I took with you. Details like this are ones that pass you by if not by foot. What beautiful pictures and an amazing tour!

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed the tour!

  2. It’s beautiful when you can stop and see the Hidden Treasures that sometimes we just forget to take the time to enjoy. Stop and smell the roses in the beauty in life.
    Please don’t try to increase lifes speed, life goes by fast enough.

    1. Beautifully said! I couldn’t agree more. Thanks so much for your kind message.

  3. Wish I could take the tour. Just beautiful and I know what a wonderful guide you would be. Wishing you well in your adventure and I love the pics and the breath taking beauty of all that you give us.

    1. Thanks, Judy. Wish you could come and take my tour. I would love to see y’all!!!

  4. I just love how beautifully you have blended into the south. This looks like such a perfect path for you. So happy for you!!!

    1. Thanks so much! As the daughter and granddaughter of strong Southern women, Charleston just fits. I love what I do!

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