Here’s Something Truly Spectacular To Do In Charleston: Horseback Riding Along The Carolina Coastline

Almost every year on my birthday I treat myself to an equestrian extravagance in the form of a walking beach ride. Each experience seems to be more special than the last. This past November I visited the Seabrook Equestrian Center located about 25 minutes from downtown Charleston. This gorgeous facility provides one of the most unforgettable horseback riding experiences for locals, visitors, and lovers of spectacular coastal beauty. But, do you have to be a horsewoman/horseman to enjoy this activity? Absolutely not. There are different rides available for either the most advanced to the first-time rider. You can thoroughly enjoy yourself at any level.
I arrived at the center and watched as the guide matched each guest with the proper horse. My steed of the day was Leo, a registered Paint and apparently reserved for advanced riders. (Luckily, I had spent countless hours on other people’s horses as a kid and have never met a horse I didn’t like.) My guide jovially warned me that Leo liked to scratch his behind on the massive hedges that line the trail leading toward the beach and to take this riding crop if he behaves badly. Um, okay. And, apparently he has been known to buck people off from time to time. Good to know.
After all riders had been fitted with a protective helmet, we climbed back into our vehicles and followed the loaded horse trailers containing our mounts the few miles through the private enclave that is Seabrook to the loading area.
As I climbed aboard Leo, my first thought was how comfortable the English saddle was on my backside. Seriously. No hard-as-a-brick leather here. This saddle’s contours were actually padded for my rear’s comfort.
We meandered our way through the lovely neighborhood and then came upon the trail leading down toward the beach. And, yes! Leo attempted to back into the bushes several times, but I urged him vigorously with my trusty riding crop. A few brisk taps and he was set to right.
As we approached the sand, my first thought was, “How lucky am I to have such great weather this time of year?” The views from the coast along the stretch of land were in a word – breathtaking. Our two guides (one on horseback and the other in a golf cart) made several photo stops for our group. This is a wonderful feature! Who doesn’t want to capture a moment like this?
Even as the hour came to end, I was planning my next ride in my mind. What a spectacular thing to do in such a pristine and unspoiled territory. This unique experience will not disappoint even the most discerning visitor to Charleston. And, when you go, please say hello to Leo for me.
For more information on rates, call 843.768.7541 or e-mail them at
Address:  2313 Seabrook Island Road, Johns Island, SC 29455
Hours:  Monday – Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. / Closed on Sunday

All reservations must be booked over the phone.

Happy riding!


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  1. Jill Paris

    Thanks! So glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Jill Paris

    Thanks so much. Happy you enjoyed it.

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