Summerville Skates!

Looking for something fun to do in Charleston? So was I! And, lucky for me, I found this cute little outdoor ice rink located about 20 minutes outside of downtown Charleston. What a wonderful way to pass the day — skimming along, atop the ice, surrounded by lights and trees. I hadn’t skated in decades! And, I must admit, I was a tad wobbly at first, but managed to get my footing. I’d forgotten what an enjoyable feeling skating could be!
Summerville Skates is new to town. It’s a temporary ice rink and is a Town investment that gives the Summerville community and guests the opportunity to experience something special throughout the winter (albeit, the day I went, it was 73F) holiday season. It made me think of how life might have been had I grown up in a colder area and got to skate when the local pond had frozen over.
Ice? Yes! It’s real ice!
“But, I don’t have my own ice skates,” you might say. Not to worry. They have over 300 pairs of rental skates available.
The Skates facility opened November 24, 2019 and will remain open until January 11, 2020.
Why not bring the kids and while away an hour in this winter wonderland. 
To learn more, please visit their website: Summerville Skates


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