A few weeks ago during one of my walking tours, I engaged in conversation with a lovely woman who’d just gotten back from Scotland. I could hardly believe she’d actually visited my ancestral village of Linlithgow! We chatted about the palace, the fabulous pub called Platform 3 that I spent many-a day/night inside on my second visit. It’s always fun to compare travel stories with people who love to venture out into the world – sometimes without even a plan!
She later asked me where she could find my published writings. Rather than jot down all the titles, it then occurred to me that I should compile a list of handy links to some of the websites/outlets who’ve kindly published my work in one simple location.
So, without further adieu, here is a list of some of my travel essays and the links where you can still read/purchase them:
An e-book published by Thought Catalog comprised of 16 essays, 13 of which were previously published in travel anthologies, magazines, websites, etc.
(It’s so ironic I now give walking tours for a living!)
Or, for the lover of audio books, you can also purchase and listen to the audible version here:
Wanderlust & Lipstick
Wanderlust & Lipstick
Matador Network
The Saturday Evening Post
February 2012
Literary Traveler
The Best Women’s Travel Writing, Volume 9 by Travelers’ Tales
Wake Up and Smell the Shit: Hilarious Travel Disasters by Travelers’ Tales
The Best Travel Writing 2009 by Travelers’ Tales
Leave the Lipstick Take the Iguana: Funny travel stories and strange packing tips
Gen F: An Anthology of Short Stories of Comic Tragedies, Humiliations and Reversals of Fortune for Those Displaced by Technology and the Economy