Why You Need To Book Walk Away Stays

More and more, guests of my Charleston walking tours turn out to be several-times repeat visitors. It’s really fun for me to show these seasoned guests something fun and unique. And, it’s also touching to see people want to return again and again. I don’t blame them!
Just last week, I had a couple celebrating their anniversary and when I asked how many times they’d come back to the Holy City over the years, they said, “Oh, at least 35 times.”
Wow. That’s a lot of celebrating! And, it certainly is a testament as to how Charleston becomes a favorite destination for travelers.
As we strolled around the hidden streets of the Historic downtown district, the husband wondered if on their next trip to Charleston, if I knew of a place where they could be close to downtown, but feel like a local, maybe not stay in a hotel. Was there such a place that provided beautiful, furnished apartments, condos, or homes with housekeeping services?
Oh, yes. I just happened to know of the perfect place for them to learn about and book one of the many, many fabulous options to make their next stay an unforgettable memory. 
Walk Away Stays specializes in luxury vacation rentals that will knock your socks off! The choices are endless to meet your travel needs. They have over 15 years of experience and boast 80+ incredible accommodations in and around Charleston. Whatever your desire, Walk Away Stays has got you covered. Just spend a few minutes perusing the gorgeous photos of some of their wonderful rentals. You will make the switch from hotel to luxury rental in no time.

Why not look into a cool downtown pad for your next visit?  To learn more, please visit their website at https://www.walkawaystays.com/or call 843.808.4444

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