Yes! Dogs Are Welcome on My Walking Tours

Let’s face it. People LOVE their pets. And, people love to travel. So, it only seems natural that more and more, Americans are traveling with their dogs. According to the 2017-2018 National Pet Owners Survey, 68% of U.S. Households own a pet. That’s 89 million dogs, an increase of 56% since 1988. And of that number, about 37% of those pet owners travel with their pets every year, which is just up 19% from a decade ago! The International Pet and Animal Transportation Association reported that more than 4 million live animals are transported on planes every year worldwide. (Man, that equates to a lot of packed doggie treats!)

Because of all this canine love, the travel industry has had to adapt to the growing demand, and at present, traveling with your pooch is easier than ever before.

Maybe you are sitting at home right now planning to visit Charleston, SC and wondering if your little ball of fluff will be welcomed with open arms, uh, paws. Well, the answer is Yes! In fact, you might notice many residents out walking their beloved dogs along The Battery, White Point Garden, along Church Street, or anywhere in the Historic Downtown area. We are truly a dog-friendly city!

So, because of this, I recently started allowing dogs on my walking tours. And, now I can’t wait until the next guest decides to book with their furry friend.

Here is the first pooch to partake in one of Charleston’s most beloved activities: Maddie.

She was extremely well behaved, save for her hilarious barking at the horses pulling a carriage.

And, YES, I wear a face covering during the entire tour, as do my guests as long as the City of Charleston requires it. When we are at a safe distance, guests lower their masks for photos. You are encouraged to capture as many loving portraits of your pet during the tours…Say, woof!

To book a walking tour, please visit my Tours page on my website or call me directly at 843.806.9915

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